Coffie`s ancestors

In the spring 2010 issue of prestigious RR magazine The Ridgeback Register
is published the story of the grand dame of Ridgebacks - Mrs. Rosy Brook-Risse 
and history of her kennel - JOHOKWE.

This is the story of Coffie`s ancestors, because Coffie is

"JOHOKWE blood"



"We had emigrated to the land of my childhood dreams in 1949
to leave the war-shaken Europe for an unknown future in sunny Rhodesia.
I sadly had to leave my dogs behind and was naturally pining
for a new four-legged companion..... Everywhere, in the land and in towns,
I had from the start observed a stately golden-red shining dog, often walking
beside the pram, obviously a dog loving children and going alongside for protection.
They carried a strange formulation of hair on their back, for which they were called
Rhodesian Ridgeback. For me the dog looked impressive, proud and beautiful.
So my mind was made up. My dog would be a Rhodesian Ridgeback."
The late Rosy Brook-Risse was roundly considered the grand dame of Ridgebacks in Germany,
where she first introduced them. In this essay, she shares the details
of her life with a breed that "steals itself into your heart."...."

Obituary to the death of Mrs. Rosy Brook-Risse, HERE.

Coffie`s ancestors:

Daddy: Masimba Bashiri

Grandpa: Johokwe Kofie (WOODY)
Beautiful photos of Kofie/Woody by Karin van Klaveren you can see HERE

Great grandpa: Makaranga Famous Chaka with Mrs. Rosy Brook-Risse
More pictures of this legendary dog you find HERE.

and Coffie 3 years old

Others Coffie`s ancestors:

Masimba - Zuritamu Onyesha N´doto of Masimba
and Zuritamu Joana "Baby Jo" - Coffie`s grandma and great grandma

Corleo`s Zankomo - Great grandpa

Johokwe - grandpa bloodline

World Winner-94, Vice-WW-92&95, EW-93,MultiCH Vishala Kinghunter Lance


Bena Turkana - Coffie`s sweet mom